In a Noisy World can Domain .ME stand out as a #PersonalBranding domain name?

With a population of over 7 Billion people on the planet and 4.55 Billion people worldwide using mobile phones the digital landscape is becoming increasingly cluttered with information.  Today we live in a global economy where the days of depending … Continue reading

Ray Rice, Poor Character and Economics: Why every sports team needs a Brand Strategist

Professional sports is a capitalist endeavor that is a bottom line business: the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB are multi-billion dollar monopolies that drive American culture.  We can’t watch enough of elite athletes performing as assassins or killers on the … Continue reading

The Best #ALS #IceBucketChallenge Video Ever: Hajj Flemings + Voss Water

On Wednesday, August 21st I posted my ice bucket challenge video to build awareness of Lou Gehrig  disease and how you can support the ALS Association to help change lives.  I used Voss Water to upgrade my video, I hope … Continue reading

Net Neutrality: Why Michigan Startups Need to Join the Fight for an Open Internet

The Internet has leveled the playing field and enabled entrepreneurs and startups to create a world that empowers ideas with global impact.  The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has recently released a ‘Net Neutrality’ proposal, aka authorized web-content discrimination.  In short, … Continue reading

Open Letter: Diversity & Startups in Detroit. Can they co-exist?

Open disclosure:  I am African American. My open letter is in response to Amy Haimerl’s article, ‘Diversity left out of startup revolution in Detroit’ posted in Crain’s Detroit on June 24th.  Her article, which referenced the ‘Rise of the Rest’ tour led … Continue reading

Here is the Unofficial List of Women Led Startups in Michigan

Are there any women led startups in Michigan? I started a social experiment to answer this question by posting a tweet on May 23rd during Tech Week Detroit 2014 when I was on the Entrepreneurship panel.  The tweet is a … Continue reading

The Economics of Race: Donald Sterling and the NBA a Brand in Crisis

The most exclusive club in America is not a country club or a political party but being a majority team owner in American sports.  This privilege is reserved for a select few, the entry point has nothing to do with … Continue reading

Detroit’s Largest Selfie at the @DIADetroit: Tag Your Favorite Detroit Personality/Friend to join! #DetroitWeek

It is time to make History!!! Detroit’s largest selfie photo is happening on Wednesday, February 19, 2014 at 10am (arrive by 9:30am to reserve your space) on the steps of the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA). The Established Co. is … Continue reading

#DetroitWeek: #DetroitSelfies Inspirational Challenge: The New Faces of Detroit Entrepreneurship + Tech

Can the #DetroitWeek hashtag be a catalyst for people to share their passion? Detroit is a City of Doers that doesn’t require ‘Gatekeepers’. Let’s re-define who the faces of entrepreneurship, technology and innovation are in Detroit? It is time to … Continue reading

Jayru Campbell – How to Manage His Brand in Crisis (Open Letter)

Fox 2 News Headlines How do you manage a brand in crisis?  Damage control is critical for brands whether they are personal or corporate.  Their future hangs in the balance while time elapses and the court of public opinion spins … Continue reading