How to Follow CNN’s Black In America 4 on Twitter tonight!

Some basic tips on following CNN Black In America 4 – “The New Promised Land – Silicon Valley’ reported by Soledad O’Brien from 8-9pm EST on Twitter tonight (11/13/11).

How to Join the Conversation

Remember to include the hashtag: #BlackInAmerica with every tweet.  Also, all the NewMe participants and the CNN personnel will be tuned in.  Most of us will be available and participating via Twitter.

Hashtag:  #BlackInAmerica

Twitter Handles of CNN Personnel: 

Reporter:              Soledad O’Brien  – @Soledad_OBrien
Producer:              Jason Samuels –  @profsamels_nyu
Network:             CNN – @CNN

Twitter Handles NewMe Participants: 

Tiffani Bell – @tiffani
Angela Benton – @ABenton
Crisson Jno-Charles – @CrissonJCharles
Hajj Flemings – @HajjFlemings
Anthony Fraiser – @AnthonyFraiser
Wayne Sutton – @WayneSutton
Pius Uzamere – @_pius
Hank Williams – @HankWilliams

Use a Third Party Application

Using a third party application like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck makes it easy to follow the conversation.  Set-up a stream with the keyword #BlackInAmerica hashtag this will allow you to effectively follow the entire conversation.

Check-In with GetGlue:

Check in with GetGlue and share via Twitter

How to Check-in: To check-in and claim your Black In America 4 sticker go here: Like the page and fireup GetGlue mobile apps and check-in. (via WayneSutton)