I will Never Stay at the Best Western Robert Treat Hotel (Newark) Again – Beware of Bed Bugs

Dear David Kong,
President and CEO
Best Western International, Inc.

The Best Western Plus Robert Treat (Newark) at 50 Park Pl, Newark, NJ 07102 management needs ‘Customer Service’ training.

This week two of my team members and I stayed at the Best Western Robert Treat and it was the worst hotel experience of our lives. On 10/20/17 at 6:27 am one of my team members found and videotaped (team member: Shawn Lee) a beg bug in his bed (Note: all three of our rooms were next door and across the hall). We went to the General Manager and Manager of the hotel and showed them the video and shared our experience. Our only goal was to get this experience behind us and be made whole.

Their immediate response communicated that they perceived that I was trying to ‘Scam’ him. I am a well spoken, well dressed clean African American man sharing my issue in a very politically correct manner. The management had no regard for ‘Customer Service’, they immediately challenged my team and I on if the bug in the video was a bed bug, then stated we might have brought the bed beg. They went on to say…what if every customer said they had bed bugs? I wonder if a different customer would have gotten the same response?

In the end, we were inconvenienced, the timing for our work that day was severely compromised. The fact that our clothes or luggage could have had bed bugs was extremely concerning and could have been costly.

What does it cost to provide a superior customer service experience and treat people with respect?

In the end, my experience is that the Best Western Robert Treat in Newark has bed bugs and the rooms aren’t the cleanest, so I have ‘Zero Confidence’ in the Best Western’s ability to deliver an even an average customer quality experience, let alone not have ‘Bed Bugs’.

I will never stay at another Best Western ever again in my life anywhere in the country.

Hajj Flemings

[Video Credit:  Shawn Lee]

  • This is very sad to hear. But as a fellow marketing guru we both understand how to rectify this situation. I’ve post this on my Facebook Page with 11,024+ Likes.