In a Noisy World can Domain .ME stand out as a #PersonalBranding domain name?

With a population of over 7 Billion people on the planet and 4.55 Billion people worldwide using mobile phones the digital landscape is becoming increasingly cluttered with information.  Today we live in a global economy where the days of depending upon a 8.5” x 11” rectangle to secure your next gig, business opportunity or strategic partnership is a risky proposition. Every person is responsible for telling their story, whether they are an employee or entrepreneur, to distinguish themselves from the crowd.

Owning your Identity

Since the inception of the internet, .COM has been the gold standard for digital identity for companies creating a digital presence online. With over 90 Million .COM domain names registered digital real estate has become very crowded, thus the explosion of various domain extensions. The launch of Domain .ME however represents a new opportunity for individuals, entrepreneurs, celebrities and personalities to own a domain name that is personally branded with their ‘Real Name.’  One of the key value propositions around Domain .ME domain has the ability to be a powerful storytelling platform for speakers, musicians, authors, startup founders, and media personalities that have to have a branded presence to drive people to.

Three Ways You Can Use a Domain .ME Account

1. Companies (Business Branding) Using Domain .ME

Businesses are securing Domain .ME URLs and creatively integrating mashing their business and domain names to make a more memorable brand. Here are a few examples.
Time Magazine:

2. People (Personal Branding) Using Domain .ME

Real people are using their real names with their domains as a power way to establish themselves as a thought leaders and leverage their name as a digital asset.

Charlie Webster:
Danny Brown:
Tucker Max:

3. Your About Page

You can forward people to the about or media page on your website, your LinkedIN profile or any bio page that provides background information about you. I am currently using my .ME account to link to my bio and I am in good company with Chris Brogan who has a huge following online and 298K followers on Twitter (@chrisbrogan).

Chris Brogan:
Hajj Flemings:

As a digital thought leader continue to be innovative in your thinking to standout from the competition and translate your name into value. Establishing a digital footprint is one thing but maintaining and growing it is another. Think about how you can leverage a .ME account as a personal branding tool. If you have a Domain .ME account we would love to hear about it. Share yours in the comment section of this blog post or tweet it and include the following information so we can be sure to see it… hashtag: #MelsAboutYou and @DomainME Twitter handle.

Connect with Domain .ME
Twitter: @DomainME

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