Hajj Flemings Interview w/ Ann Nyberg and WTNH ABC News – ‘The Entrepreneur’s Journey’

I was recently interviewed by Ann Nyberg of WTNH Channel 8 ABC News in New Haven, CT.  Ann is a well known news anchor that I met via Twitter, this interview was birthed from our online conversation that included a blog post and a few tweets.


Our interaction reinforces the power of the social web and the value of living in the ‘Connection Economy.’  In this segment we discussed my entrepreneurial journey from Ford Motor Company to Brand Camp University.  I drove 1.5 hours from New York City to New Haven, CT the home of Yale University for the live in studio interview and it was well worth the trip.

You can follow Ann Nyberg Online:
WTHN Station: http://www.wtnh.com/dpp/news/news_team/ann_nyberg
Website: http://NetworkConnecticut.com
Twitter: @AnnNyberg

  • Ann Nyberg

    Awesome, Hajj, so happy you came to the table to tell folks all that you know about being an entrepreneur!

  • Andrea Hoopin

    Venture Capitalists are the yuppie children of eugenics-practicing elite rich families. They are not going to finance your project unless you look and act like a yuppie. If you have something so compelling that it will screw up their current investments they will finance you, but put their people on your staff and eventually take over your company and toss you out. You need to suck-up, act like a Stanford or Yale tool, date cheerleader looking girls and have a severe/intense look on your face all the time if you are going to play the tech start-up game. End of lesson. Go get their money.