It is Time to Reinvent Yourself!

News flash: ‘The world has Changed’!  We now live in a collaborative, co-created, agile, mobile, post-industrial economy that will be run by millennials/digital natives.  (I believe I covered most of the buzzwords in one sentence.)  In the U.S. we are experiencing a decline in the manufacturing sector and have become a part of a globally connected knowledge based economy filled with noise and information overload.

Today people are grappling with the harsh reality of unemployment, underemployment and/or a lack of job security.  Whether you are an entrepreneur, a corporate executive, athlete, Pastor, or startup founder we are all dealing with the same challenge of how work is being valued and redefined in unstable times.  Most of us were taught growing up to build resumes and were trained to think like an employee.  Today even an employee can’t afford to think like an employee.  It is the the end of mediocrity, the days of creating average stuff will get you fired, overlooked and render you irrelevant.

In October 2010 Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger launched Instagram a photo sharing mobile app and 2-years later was acquired for $1billion by Facebook.  How crazy is it that the New York Times a 162-years old media titan was worth $50million less than Instagram at the time it was acquired by Facebook? Have we done people a disservice by training them to think to work in an industrial society?  The great manufacturing jobs with low education requirements where workers put round pegs in round holes and get paid $60K are not as plentiful as they use to be.  We live in a capital gains driven society where making money on your money is valued higher than labor income.   People with a ‘Reactionary’ mindset will struggle with how work is valued in the new economy.  But the bigger question that each of us will have to address is:  Are you ready to ‘Reinvent’ yourself so that you can ‘Do Work that Matters’?