Get Out of Your Own Way!

Increase your odds of winning by ‘Getting Out of your Own way!’  With a show of hands how many people can say they have never gotten in their own way in business?  If you raised your hand then congratulation you’re a part of a select group of people who have probably never done anything.  As I look back over my brief entrepreneurial career I have recently spent time reflecting on what hasn’t worked.  There was one consistent theme that I keep seeing and it was this:  I was making life harder than it needed to be.

I ran through a list of projects that never made it through the battlefield of my mind. For example, in 2009 I had a great book idea that I never published because I got busy working on other cool projects that never saw the light of day.  The idea aligned with the financial crisis that was taking place from 2008-2009 which would have been extremely helpful for the community of people that found what I was talking about interesting.  I am now working on that book after sitting on it for 3-years.  How many of you have projects that you have been sitting on?

Perfection is the Enemy of Complete  

What separates me from everybody else I believe is that same thing that gets on my nerves and drives me out a wall which is my design taste.  Historically, I have spent so much time trying to make things perfect because I like well designed products that I don’t ship ideas as often as I should.  I have allowed ideas to be backlogged that are waiting to be produced because I want everything to be aesthetically perfectly.   My pursuit of perfection has forced me to realize there this a difference between ‘Excellence’ and being ‘Perfect’.

Perfection causes you hold on to projects longer than you need to and operate in fear and not bring things to market because you are overly concerned about what others will say when it hits the market.  Excellence is more about creating stuff that you are proud to attach your name to that can impact a world beyond you.

Case Study of the Slinky

The Slinky was invented by Richard and Betty James in 1943 it is an idea that most VCs, CEO’s of Major companies, and bean counter today would have shut down and never launched because the idea seemed pretty dumb.  There have been over 250 millions Slinky’s sold to date because Richard James saw a piece a spring coil fall off a table and he and his wife saw an opportunity.

Getting out of your own way is about seeing opportunities when others see nothing and acting on it by faith!  

  • Completely agree with you on “perfection being the enemy of complete”. For me, perfection is the enemy of both the good and complete. The fear of producing subpar content or ideas can be staggering.

  • Story of my life until recently. Good stuff

  • David

    Awesome Story. This had been the story of my life of getting in my own way and stepping out by faith. As it relates to community involvement and or writing this book.