Can @BrooksPatterson and the Elite 40 Winner @HajjFlemings Create a Platform for Young Professionals?

On Wednesday, February 8th at the Oakland County – State of the County address I was selected as the inaugural recipient of the L. Brooks Patterson Elite 40 Under 40.  Nearly 400 of the brightest minds in Oakland County were nominated and for me to emerge as the winner was an honor.

Oakland County is one of America’s most affluent counties, which makes the significances even greater.  Here is a quote from Brooks about the elite 40, “The members of my ‘Elite 40 Under 40’ represent where Oakland County

is headed tomorrow: charging into the knowledge-based economy, providing strong leadership, and engaged in improving the quality of life in our region,” said Patterson in his 2012 State of the County address.

State of the County Address [Video]:

I See Opportunity

Here is my thought about the ‘Elite 40’ award, “this honor will not just be an update on my Linkedin profile but will serve as a platform to work with Brooks and a county with a technological DNA and a passion to be a leader in the knowledge-based economy.  “What makes this award different than other 40 Under 40 type awards is that programming is being developed to engage the leaders that were selected.

My goal is to help position the honor as a platform that will create real measurable change.  Since this is the first time the award has been given there is a blank page and I plan on helping to write what the platform can be and mean to me and future winners. I think it is possible to have a beauty pageant like platform for young business professionals that is gender neutral.  This will challenge the winner to use the calendar year to impact the region with the access and reach from the platform.  My question is why can’t the L.Brooks Patterson Elite 40 Under 40 Re-Define the future?

Hitting the Goal Running

I have real ideas that align with the metrics and mission of Oakland County and I started making calls and setting up meetings the day after I received the award.  I am very excited about rolling up my sleeves and getting to work.

Photos of the Events

[Photo Credit @Mlive and Jeff Wattrick]

[Elite 40 Group Photo]

[Elite 40 Finalist:  Kerrie Benno, Hajj Flemings and Lena Koretzky]